Sunday morning services at 11:15 a.m.


We look forward to worshiping God with you!


What happens on Sunday mornings at Beacan?


Our worship service officially begins at 11:15 a.m., but, before that time, lots of people arrive at the church building for fellowship—a time to talk, get to know everyone, and even share some refreshments (there has been a Tim Bit or two over the years!)—and for Bible study and prayer.


When the service begins, very young children might want to stay with some volunteers in the nursery (a safe place to play with toys or to relax on rocking chairs; we have a crib available, too!) or to join everyone for the service. We usually start with announcements, music, prayer, a time for people to give to the church, some more music, and then the children are invited up to the front of the church for “Time with the Children”. (No one HAS to go up to the front, but most kids find it exciting and fun to have the pastors involve them in a story.) After the story is over, and there’s a short prayer, the kids are invited to go to the nursery (for the little ones) or Sunday School, where there are more stories, and games, and singing, and crafts. Depending on the number of kids, there could be more than one classroom where the kids stay with their teachers until their parents pick them up after the worship service is over. (If kids want their parents before then, that’s okay, too!)



Why do we do what we do at Beacan?


We’re part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, a Church that wants its members to “proclaim the love and good news of Jesus Christ through our words and actions.“ That’s right from the Mission Statement. We’re also a “reformed church”, relying on the “truth and inspiration of Scriptures for God’s guidance into the future”, and we know that children are our future and a focus of what’s being built at Beacan.



What should you know about Beacan?


Accessibility: our facilities are fully accessible for those in wheelchairs and we have support in the sanctuary for those with hearing difficulties


Office Hours: to be re-confirmed soon


Website: updates are made weekly to the site; if there's something you need to know between updates, email ""



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Beacan is fully wheelchair accessible.